The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course

The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course

Figure out how to assemble and send quick and secure web applications with ASP.NET MVC 5

What Will I Learn?

  • Comprehend the MVC engineering design
  • Execute CRUD tasks
  • Fabricate structures with server-side and customer side approval
  • Construct RESTful administrations utilizing ASP.NET Web API
  • Utilize amazing jQuery modules
  • Carry out confirmation and approval utilizing ASP.NET Web API
  • Use Entity Framework to question or refresh information
  • Comprehend and apply security best practices
  • Assemble and convey applications
  • Make and redo fabricate arrangements
  • Oversee customer/server conditions
  • Test APIs utilizing PostMan
  • Use AutoMapper


  • C# (at least lambda articulations, LINQ)
  • Essential knowledge of web advancement (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery)


With north of 40,000 cheerful understudies and 12,000+ positive surveys, this course is Udemy’s most well known course for learning ASP.NET MVC!

ASP.NET MVC is a server-side web structure for building dynamic, information driven web applications. Since its first delivery in 2009, it has acquired a great deal of fame among engineers utilizing Microsoft advancements. Assuming you need to get utilized as a web engineer at an organization that uses Microsoft advances, you want to dominate ASP.NET MVC.

In this course, Mosh, creator of a few top rated seminars on Udemy, takes you on a fun, active and commonsense excursion to dominate ASP.NET MVC 5.

In 7.5 long periods of top notch content (identical to a 500-page book), you’ll figure out how to assemble and send quick and secure web applications with ASP.NET MVC 5.


Before the finish of watching this course, you’ll have the option to:

  • Execute CRUD activities
  • Assemble structures with approval
  • Construct RESTful administrations utilizing ASP.NET Web API
  • Use Entity Framework code-first work process to construct a model
  • Carry out security, validation and approval utilizing ASP.NET Identity
  • Utilize amazing jQuery modules
  • Upgrade application’s presentation
  • Assemble and send your applications
  • Furthermore considerably more…

You’ll begin assembling a genuine video rental application in no time. Each segment incorporates a couple of reduced down recordings, and closes with at least one coding activities to help you ace what you realize in that part. At long last, in the last segment, you’ll figure out how to

  • Send the application
  • Send the data set
  • Make custom form designs (advancement, testing, arranging, and so on)
  • Store application settings in web.config and supersede them for various conditions
  • Secure application settings and association strings
  • And the sky is the limit from there…

Regardless of whether you’re new to ASP.NET MVC or have some experience yet are searching for a course to fill in the holes, you’ll love this course. On top of all the center highlights of ASP.NET MVC, Mosh shows you a precise method for building a component start to finish. What’s more critically, he incorporates you as a component of building a refined element start to finish. In this way, he assembles a few sections and delegates different parts to you.

In the event that you’ve taken any of Mosh’s courses previously, you know what you get. He is extremely energetic, clear and brief in his instructing. Each segment and each talk has been impeccably thoroughly examined lead you on a bit by bit venture from zero to legend with no puff at all. In the event that you’re searching for 10+ long periods of squandered energy on the substance you don’t require and a meandering aimlessly teacher, there are different courses you can take a crack at.


To take this course, you ought to have somewhere around 90 days experience programming in C#. Additionally, any knowledge of Entity Framework will be useful however not needed.

Assuming you really want to reinforce your C# abilities or master Entity Framework inside and out, you can watch Mosh’s connected courses:

  • C# Basics for Beginners (fundamental information)
  • C# Intermediate: Classes, interfaces and Object-arranged (fundamental information)
  • C# Advanced (fundamental information)
  • Substance Framework in Depth (ideal to have)

Along these lines, assuming you observe every one of the talks and do every one of the activities, before the finish of this course, you’ll have the essential abilities to assemble genuine applications with ASP.NET MVC 5, or generally your cash back (inside 30 days of taking the course).

Along these lines, assuming that you’re searching for an ASP.NET MVC course with

  • An energetic coder and teacher who knows his specialty
  • Wonderful construction
  • Adjusted blend of hypothesis and practice
  • Clear, brief and reduced down recordings
  • Bunches of certifiable models and coding works out
  • Conversation of best practices
  • A-list sound/video creation

Try not to look further. Take a crack at the course now and figure out how to fabricate and send quick and secure web applications with ASP.NET MVC 5.

As often as possible ASKED QUESTIONS

1-Does this course cover ASP.NET Core 1.0?

No! When you ace ASP.NET MVC 5, you can rapidly find a workable pace with ASP.NET Core. Mosh has a subsequent seminar on Udemy called “Construct a Real-world App with ASP.NET Core and Angular”. In this course, you’ll find a good pace with ASP.NET Core with regards to building a genuine application from a to z.

2-Why would it be a good idea for me to pay for this course when there are loads of free instructional exercises accessible?

Free instructional exercises and YouTube recordings are free which is as it should be. They acquaint you with a couple of ideas to a great extent, however before long you’ll end up hopping starting with one instructional exercise then onto the next to fill the missing holes. By taking an impeccably organized course, you’ll be sure that you’re in great hands, right from the start entirely through to the end. You pay for saving your valuable time: the time that you can spend on the things you love.

Besides, a considerable lot of these free instructional exercises, including instructional exercises distributed by Microsoft on the authority ASP.NET site, show you helpless practices. All through this course, Mosh calls attention to a portion of these helpless practices and clarifies in specialized terms why you ought to keep away from them.


“The is course is a lot of worth your time and cash. Mosh worked really hard clarifying every part of MVC 5 just as presenting and utilizing different advancements like Web API. I’ve been working with MVC since it’s delivery however felt I really wanted a supplemental class and this was great. I would likewise prescribe it to engineers simply getting into MVC also on the grounds that Mosh works really hard of clarifying the ideas driving what you’re realizing. I truly delighted in it and energetically suggest it.” – Scott Smith

“Course educates precisely what the title vows to instruct. Nature of creation, content, and talks are astounding! Clarifications of the how and for what reason are additionally a pleasant touch!” – Pierre Gadea

“Mosh never baffles. Clear clarifications. Practices that will test you information. Incredible guidance as usual. I additionally love that he incorporates alternate routes and best practices. Worth the time and cash!” – Lara Caves

“Astounding course from Mosh! After I completed the C# series, I moved straightforwardly to this course and adapt so a lot and surprisingly fostered a fruitful web application in my entry level position! Much appreciated Mosh for an incredible course!!” – Menny Atia

“I’ve been into web improvement for over 15 years, yet as of not long ago I was absolutely new to ASP.NET MVC. Prior to taking this course I attempted different courses, yet these were either excessively muddled for a fledgling or didn’t cover all the necessery informations expected to begin. This is a superb course in the first place ASP.NET MVC that covers all that you want to make a genuine task. The essentials are a decent understaning of C# (OOP, Lambdas, LINQ… ) , Javascript and JQuery” – Marko Pavic

“Expertly organized, painstakingly arranged course. Enthusiastic, drawing in educator with incredible relational abilities. Best course I’ve at any point had on Udemy up until now. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to take the subsequent seminar on design and testing referenced in the last video.” – Istvan Voros

“Perhaps the best course I have ever taken,Recommend for each C# designer through his every one of the courses in Udemy. They are stunners and it will change the manner in which you contemplate Programming.After taking his courses ,with in a range of one month I have a broken a meeting in one of the Big 4 with 70% climb.” – Rama Reddy


This course accompanies a 30-day full unconditional promise. Take the course, observe each talk, and do the activities, and assuming you feel like this course isn’t really for you, request a full discount inside 30 days. All your cash back, no inquiries posed.


Mosh (Moshfegh) Hamedani is a programmer with 17 years of expert experience. He is the creator of a few top rated Udemy courses with in excess of 120,000 understudies in 192 nations. He has a Master of Science in Network Systems and Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. His understudies depict him as energetic, down to earth and inspirational in his instructing.

Would you like to figure out how to assemble and send quick and secure web application with ASP.NET MVC 5?

Assuming you try out the course presently, you’ll begin fabricating your first ASP.NET MVC application inside a couple of moments. Join the other 22,000+ understudies who have taken this course now and get everything rolling.

Who is the interest group?

  • Designers without really any information on ASP.NET MVC 5 who need to construct web applications with this structure
  • Engineers with some involvement with ASP.NET MVC 5 who are searching for a thorough course to fill the holes

Made by Mosh Hamedani
Last refreshed 4/2018
Size: 2.00 GB

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